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It prevails in most of those in British America and the United States, in Aztec and various South American idioms; but in others, as the dialects found in Yucatan and Guatemala, and in the Tupi of Brazil, the Otomi of Mexico, and the Klamath of the Pacific coast, it is […]

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The public library offers the opportunity for the fullest and freest contact with the minds of the world. La forma universal di questo nodo credo ch’io vidi, perche piu di largo dicendo questo, mi sento ch’io godo. Oh! There is no influence so powerful as the sphere of a moral […]

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The latter is spoken along the Amazon and its tributaries for a distance of twenty-five hundred miles. It perceives by intuition…. Nor need we go outside of American languages for illustrations; in Nahuatl _tlazoti_ means to offer for sale at a high price; and in Huasteca _canel_, from the same […]

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Hero essays epic. It is hard to point to any one thing that they are doing incorrectly or that they are omitting. If the very appearances of grief and joy inspire us with some degree of the like emotions, it is because they suggest to us the general idea of […]

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Essays mba georgetown. His mind, though extremely childish, is altogether in a torpid state, for the most part quiet and good-natured; but sometimes, when more excited, he exhibits a love of mischief, generally very childishly, but sometimes more seriously so. How little value attaches to any such generalizations you will […]

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This is so much the case that it is sometimes difficult to decide which of the co-operating attributes is the most prominent. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. For the sake […]

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Yet we shall do well to note the fact that the possibility of this meeting of the playful and the serious in the mood of humour has its intellectual condition in an enlarged mental grasp of things. But when to the beneficent tendency of the action is joined the propriety […]

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Word limit leadership essay 1500. When he became more familiar with the perspective of Nature, the inferiority of that of Painting did not hinder him from discovering its resemblance to that of Nature. They were still, therefore, too much enslaved to those systems, to dare to depart from them, when […]