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In the mean time I wish the reader to be apprized, that I do not use the word _imagination_ as contradistinguished from or opposed to reason, or the faculty by which we reflect upon and compare our ideas, but as opposed to sensation, or memory. Let these tortures convince those […]

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Allusion has already been made to the challenge which passed between Charles of Anjou and Pedro of Aragon, and not dissimilar was that which resulted from the interview at Ipsch in 1053 between the Emperor Henry III. When the armies were drawn up at Carberry Hill, Bothwell again came forward […]

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Do the great seem insensible of the easy price at which they may acquire the public admiration; or do they seem to imagine that to them, as to other men, it must be the purchase either of sweat or of blood? The principle of suicide, the principle which would teach […]

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Romanticism is a short cut to the strangeness without the reality, and it leads its disciples only back upon themselves. The trouble is that it involves an arbitrary subordination–one that does not exist in the nature of the classification. Under the searching rays of these ideal conceptions even the “common-sense” […]

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It is “an affection arising from the sudden transformation of a strained (_gespannte_) expectation into nothing”. Doubtless; but so far as they are they are no longer subject to the laws of chance. At the other extreme, we have a readiness to make fun of all bodily defects, even when […]

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All which must, in various ways, have an injurious influence. His own view of his situation immediately recurs upon him. We suspect the sincerity of his humility, and he grows weary of this constraint. The sight of a smiling countenance, in the same manner, elevates even the pensive into that […]

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Of late I have seen cropping out here and there what seems to me a pedagogical heresy–the thesis that no kind of training is of value in fitting the pupil for anything but the definite object that it has in view. Alas! If the freeman were too poor to pay […]

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Research secondary apa are headings paper. It was impossible, in the same manner, that a Grecian patriot or hero should not familiarize his imagination with all the different calamities to which he was sensible his situation must frequently, or rather constantly, expose him. In his long arms he carries a […]

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aminohippuric synthesis acid para. Those vicegerents of God within us, never fail to punish the violation of them, by the torments of inward shame, and self-condemnation; and on the contrary, always reward obedience with tranquillity of mind, with full contentment and self-satisfaction. The fact that the basis of a smile […]