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If we begin by destroying confidence, we destroy the basis on which alone all moral good can be effected. Methods of distribution may require selection or modification to suit local peculiarities. Father Coto observes that the natives loved to tell long stories, and to repeat chants, keeping time to them […]

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s research master thesis topics. From this same theme is derived the verb _nihillape-wheu_, to set free, to liberate, to redeem; and from this the missionaries framed the word _nihillape-whoalid_, the Redeemer, the Saviour. I fear that they are to be sought nowhere out of the golden realm of fancy […]

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Or the machine may be at the disposal of fortune: the man is still his own master. And he omits mention of Gawain Douglas, who, though he wrote in Scots, was surely a “Tudor” translator. Now touches of unknown origin at places not closely observable have something of a disturbing […]

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_There is no trusting to appearances_, we are told; but this maxim is of no avail, for men are the eager dupes of them. In the midst of her scolding she will often swear in a strange under tone of voice; and when accused, she says it is some other […]

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ESSAY XII WHETHER GENIUS IS CONSCIOUS OF ITS POWERS? The strict connections, nice dependencies, &c. The satisfaction is not lessened by being anticipated. Some of these sensible qualities, therefore, we regarded as essential, or such as showed, by their presence or absence, the presence or absence of that essential form […]

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In the course of the discussion it appeared that numerous measurements had already been made for various purposes by different parties and under divers conditions. Both the English and the Italian Heroic Verse, perhaps, are not so {473} properly composed of a certain number of syllables, which vary according to […]

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Thus, in 1826, he announced before the Berlin Academy that he was preparing an exhaustive work on the “Organism of Language,” for which he had selected the American languages exclusively, as best suited for this purpose. On opening the sepulchre for the purpose of ascertaining the exact measure of the […]