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2015 term about paper asean integration. And so far as vice and virtue can be either punished or rewarded by the sentiments and opinions of mankind, they both, according to the common course of things meet even here with something more than exact and impartial justice. I do not go […]

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It is one more instance of the pernicious effect of emotion. But though we have read Congreve, a stage-coachman may be an over-match for us in wit: though we are deep-versed in the excellence of Shakspeare’s colloquial style, a village beldam may outscold us: though we have read Machiavel in […]

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They have no check upon him. If amusements and employment are good for these, how much better for those who are not past the hope of recovery; it may change the object of their thoughts, and gradually turn them to one of a less dangerous nature. But we plainly see […]

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The first, among whom we may count all the ancient moralists, have contented themselves with describing in a general manner the different vices and virtues, and with pointing out the deformity and misery of the one disposition, as well as the propriety and happiness of the other, but have not […]

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topics argumentative high school essay. It may be noted in passing that this way of dealing with the ludicrous is characteristically German. MUNDESLEY. If the hurtfulness of the design, if the malevolence of the affection, were alone the causes which excited our resentment, we should feel all the furies of […]

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But this very circumstance of his identifying himself with his future being, of feeling for this imaginary self as if it were incorporated with his actual substance, and weighed upon the pulses of his blood, is itself the strongest instance that can be given of the force of the imagination, […]

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The gravity of matter is, of all its qualities, after its inertness, {384} that which is most familiar to us. According to Mr. I will not press this argument farther, lest I should make it tedious, and run into questions I have no intention to meddle with. It is not, […]

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Somewhere is the combination that you want. Spurzheim gets down to the visible region of the face, the eyes, forehead, &c. and See, a carbuncle May put out both the eyes of our Saint Mark; A diamond would have bought Lollia Paulina, When she came in like star-light, hid with […]

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We do not think of applying this word to a great poet or a great painter, to the man of genius, or the man of virtue, for it is seldom we can _spunge_ upon them. Thus the Forbes Library of Northampton, Mass., now sensibly consolidated with the Public Library of […]