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They are, as to matters of taste, _tres bornes_. THE knowledge gained upon this interesting subject, the instances adverted to in the former chapter, prove almost beyond a doubt, that the question—Whether art can arrest the progress of the German Ocean along the Norfolk coast? THE DAY’S WORK: SOME CONDITIONS […]

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S. {216} We may find in the laughter of the child, within the period of the first three years, pretty clear indications of the development of a rude perception of amusing incongruities in dress and behaviour. 1. The word _uba_ is “father;” with the pronoun of the third person prefixed […]

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Shoals of sand of various length, breadth, and depth, appear and disappear, form and re-form, in the offing.—In north-westerly gales only are they solid, stable, and compact, and increase in breadth, while the materials on the beach are swept away. 3 page 118] He plays well at draughts and whist, […]

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The centre of each vortex being thus occupied by the most active and movable parts of matter, there was necessarily among them, a more violent agitation than in any other part of the vortex, and this violent agitation of the centre cherished and supported the movement of the whole. A […]

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I.–_Of those Systems which make Virtue consist in Propriety._ ACCORDING to Plato, to Aristotle, and to Zeno, virtue consists in the propriety of conduct, or in the suitableness of the affection from which we act to the object which excites it. Another interesting fact is the frequent recurrence of the […]

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There is one thing to be said in his favour; he knew his own powers or followed his own inclinations; and the delicacy of his _tact_ in general prevented him from attempting subjects uncongenial with it. The great secret of education is to direct vanity to proper objects. Or the […]

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statement get thesis to pay math. I have seen this triumph celebrated by poets, the friends of my youth and the friends of man, but who were carried away by the infuriate tide that, setting in from a throne, bore down every distinction of right reason before it; and I […]

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When the demand for assistants in the higher grades begins to slacken, proportionately to the supply, as it is sure to do some day, the library school graduates will be willing to enter the library force in the lower grade, and will thus crowd out the untrained or partially trained […]

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baker thesis heidi. The latter are wonderfully characteristic of Nahuatl speech. Some efforts to circumvent rules of this kind are interesting. I confess to have been surprised at what looks like the precocity of some children in the matter of honouring the proprieties of conduct. That, by supposing the Earth […]

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Whatever is the passion which arises from any object in the person principally concerned, an analogous emotion springs up, at the thought of his situation, in the essay on age discrimination in the workplace breast of every attentive spectator. The impression of an abstract principle is faint and doubtful in […]