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His wishes, his exertions are always excited by ‘an airy, notional good,’ by the idea of good, not the reality. He endeavoured, first, to find it in the proportions of numbers, and plain figures; afterwards, in those of the regular solids; and, last of all, in those of the musical […]

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Chance, we are told, is “the totality of unconsidered causes”. Some hearts of many chords, resonant to all the notes of life’s music, might break but for the timely comings of the laughter-fay with her transforming wand. Realization or anticipation of the end of action is not the necessary stimulus […]

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Even the beginning of humour implies some getting away from the point of view of the individual, so far as to gain a momentary comprehension of others’ points of view. It must be so far the same as to bear the same relation to the surrounding ideas, as to depend […]

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popular site editing course work uk. David I., conferred the same rights on the Abbey of Holyrood.[498] Some conscientious churchmen objected to a practice so antagonistic to all the teachings of the religion of which they were professors, and lifted up their voices to check the abuse. The title should […]

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Perhaps it is not too much to say that the {403} last word on man and his destiny leaves an opening for the humorous smile. Its chief periodical should be on file. ESSAY V ON REASON AND IMAGINATION I hate people who have no notion of any thing but generalities, […]

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Instinct, as we have seen, must inevitably play a very large part in the evolution of public morality and the moral impulse of every individual. The usual term is _maciy_, which means merely “associate,” or _kochomaciy_, a table-companion or _convive_. We want to know at what point the comedy of […]

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The habit of philosophic thought may be said to complete this uplifting of the individual to ideal heights, and its concomitant process, the expansion of the view of the irrational, the essentially unfitting, the amusing. But he appears to be more than mortal who can support in the same manner […]

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The chimney is very modern, as the builders of the middle ages gave the preference to warming their halls by a central hearth, leaving the smoke to blacken the roof and escape as it best might by an open lantern. In addition to this inhibitory effect of heterogeneous emotional elements […]