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The spirit of this system he defines to be, “to impress the unity of the sentence on the understanding by treating it, not as a whole composed of various words, but as one word.” A perfect type of incorporation will group all the elements of the sentence in and around […]

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At Clark’s Works, Ohio, the embankments and mounds together contain about 3,000,000 cubic feet;[84] but as the embankment is three miles long, most of this is not in the mounds themselves. The claimants demanded the wager of battle, and the monks, in refusing this as unsuited to their calling, were […]

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We are unwilling to allow merit, because we are unable to perceive it. ] The upper figure he reads _kinil_, the lower _cim-il_. how many anxious eyes Have watched the live-long night for thee, That from the threshold of the skies, Now looks o’er a tempestuous sea; The ocean that […]

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Yet, from these internal mental or moral influences, it is evident that neither insanity nor epidemic diseases can prevail exactly in proportion to the state of the weather, unless it could be proved there always existed a correspondence between the state of the weather and the moral and physical susceptibilities […]

The steam engine

The very existence of a library presupposes such a love of books. To read a book is _xochun_, literally to _count_ a book. Some may bend but more will break. The man who laughs has at most a vague expectation that outsiders should be equal to those of his own […]

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society honor spanish national essay. We have not to look spanish national honor society essay far to begin. It may often, however, be hard to convince him that the prosperity and preservation of the state requires any diminution of the powers, privileges, and immunities of his own particular order of […]

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The poison prescribed is that known as _sringa_, produced by a tree which grows in the Himalayas, and the judge invokes it— “On account of thy venomous and dangerous nature thou art destruction to all living creatures; thou, O poison, knowest what mortals do not comprehend. The captain of a […]

Design synthesis of inhibitors of glycoenzymes

The appearances of the two inferior Planets were explained, in the same manner, as in the system of Copernicus, and consequently required no Epicycle to connect them. Mac-Intosh, I remember, explained this principle in his lectures in the following manner. This is the cause of the stiff, unnatural look of […]