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Thus were avoided the worst abuses to which the system had been made subservient long before that time in all the surrounding regions.[1612] Other races adopted the new system with almost equal hesitation. If he deviated from these limits, or acted through malice or favoritism, he was liable to a […]

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communication my write speech. “The objects of my enquiries are very numerous, and involve so many either undiscovered or unadmitted truths, which are so closely connected with subjects of inquiry the most interesting, that I have adopted this slow and humble plan of proceeding for the present, and have suspended, […]

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The difference between the modern librarian and him of the old school has often been the subject of comment. Is this logical, or even politic? It is both singular and plural, both _I_ and _we_, _mine_ and _our_. Because the author is thinking of beggars and a beggar’s brat, and […]

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Essay target audience. It will include local newspapers, clippings, a pamphlet or two, menus, leaflets, programs–all sorts of printed things issued by churches, schools, clubs and societies, and lost as soon as issued unless caught at once and preserved. The remark apropos of a very correct person, “He has not […]

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Essay century 21st in racism. At the Thirteenth Council of Toledo, in 683, King Erwig, in his opening address, alludes to the frequent abuse of torture in contravention of the law, and promises a reform. Lucian and Lactantius appear both to have given credit to that of the great age […]

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But their strong passion for literature remained, and they gratified it as far as they dared by writing in their own tongue with the Spanish alphabet volumes whose contents are very similar to those described by Landa. The prudent man, though not always distinguished by the most exquisite sensibility, is […]

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Sites top usa essay proofreading expository. Valery is in error in his complete exorcism of “philosophy,” perhaps the basis of the error is his apparently commendatory interpretation of the effort of the modern poet, namely, that the latter endeavours “to produce in us a _state_.” The early philosophical poets, Parmenides […]