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The verse practised by Massinger is a different verse from that of his predecessors; but it is not a development based on, or resulting from, a new way of feeling. Northcote; but I have lived on his conversation with undiminished relish ever since I can remember,—and when I leave it, […]

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This brings us face to face with the kernel, the valuable kernel, of truth which lies in what seems at first an empty paradoxical nutshell. One feels that the form is not well chosen. I hear the sound of village bells—it ‘opens all the cells where memory slept’—I see a […]

Cause and effect: stress

effect: stress cause and. If there is any impropriety in the one, the other must be equally objectionable, the same fallacy lurks under both. And once she said, with tearful eye, With quivering lip, yet tender tone, As if her weak and trembling heart Were half afraid its fears to […]

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We wanted to learn, and so we learned; that is all. I invoke Moses and Aaron, who divided the sea. Upon the most superficial examination, however, this rule will appear to be in the highest degree loose and inaccurate, and to admit of ten thousand exceptions. Primrose-hill is the Ultima […]

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developing business worksheet plan a. But again, these experiences clearly supply conditions favourable to the emergence of that “sudden glory” which enters into successful effort. We are dealing here with imponderables, as I have said, but the most imponderable thing of all, and the most potent, is the human mind. […]

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We do not object to lumping together the totality of unconsidered causes and calling them “chance”. Obscure strangers who visit foreign countries, or who, from a remote province, come to visit, for a short time, the capital of their own country, most frequently attempt to practise it. On the other […]

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The wonder is that any intelligent editor would pass it over without hesitation. It only acts retrospectively. Consequently as the desire of the ultimate gratification of the appetite is not the same with the appetite itself, that is mere physical uneasiness, but an indirect result of its communication to the […]

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Now let the disguise be removed and the general resemblance to a human face pointed out, and what before seemed perfect, will be found to be deficient in the most essential features. But as long as books cost money and librarians refuse to work altogether for love, financial considerations must […]

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It is remarkable that the last interval of convalescence, commencing about five years ago, continued for more than three years, which I attribute to the absence of causes of irritation, more delicate and attentive treatment, and constant resources of various amusements. So I have been accused of denying the merits […]