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In several ways the play is puzzling, and disquieting as is none of the others. 137, quoted by G. Adam continued his praiseworthy efforts to unearth the imaginary originals of the Abbe Parisot’s hoax, but with the results one can easily anticipate—they were not forthcoming.[416] The discussion continued in a […]

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What possible connection is there between this idea, and that of their being the boundaries of two lines of equal length? They never imagined that our sentiments were influenced by any benefit or damage which we **supposed actually to redound to us, from either; but by that which might have […]

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I should like to read Froissart’s Chronicles, Hollingshed and Stowe, and Fuller’s Worthies. We should expect that a considerable development of vocal power would be a condition of man’s taking heartily to this mode of emotional utterance. respecting some proceedings against ecclesiastics who were scourged, tortured, and hanged.[1823] Under Henry […]

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Some allowance, too, is naturally made for the necessary imperfection of the instrument, in the same manner as in Tapestry and Needle-work. His zeal, however, was as great as theirs, and his learning and his eloquence greater; and he poured out such torrents of texts upon them, and such authorities […]

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Teacher to personal statement a become. No more important step for the intellectual future of the community can be taken than this extension of service. Of late years this opinion has been earnestly combatted by M. First, shall fines be charged? The latter appear to be those which extract from […]

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Editor professional letter for services masters application. That all should have the sanction and concurrence of medical recommendation, is every way indispensable; but what I argue for is, that this should be done, in the manner best calculated to make it appear to the patient, that cure, and not mere […]

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Yet he ought not to talk too much, or to grow too animated; or the picture is apt to stand still, and the sitter to be aware of it. And she would be quite right; only, instead of being derogatory to the library as it would be intended, her remark […]

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It is of Grecian Doric order, elegantly fluted, and one hundred and forty-four feet in height, ascended by an easy flight of steps. The world, justly indeed, applauded the ingenuity of that philosopher, who could unite, so happily, two such seemingly inconsistent systems. In general, those who do things for […]

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This combination of telephone and parcel post seems to me the ideal of library service when you can name the book you want and don’t care to be merely browsing along the shelves. The degree of conscious defiance of order may, no doubt, vary greatly. Among jurists there was lively […]

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A stack-room, it seems to me, is distinctly a closed-shelf arrangement. The verbal disease above noticed may be reserved for diagnosis by and by. “For instance, suggestions are made with success to a devout Catholic, but directly the suggestion conflicts with his creed it will not be accepted. The sentiments […]