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I would not push this analogy too far. To read one of his disquisitions is like hearing the variations to a piece of music without the score. It is, however, not correct to say that it is a writing by _things_, “_rebus_;” but it is by the _names_ of things, […]

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essay how on my fee vacation words summer spent i 150. In polysynthetic tongues they are not intended to form words, but sentences; not to express an idea, but a proposition. This would seem rather the effect than the cause—a common mistake; they are constantly confounded together, or mistaken for […]

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The man, however, who fires a pistol at his enemy but misses him, is punished with death by the laws of scarce any country. And there are cases where it is impracticable to use any deposit at all, while delivery from the central library is feasible and reasonably satisfactory. On […]

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Dana stated his opinion that the library, as it is, “an unimportant by-product,” is to be of importance in the future, but will then have departed from the “present prevailing type.” Without necessarily agreeing to our present insignificance, we may well accept, I think, this forecast of future growth and […]

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Turenne seems to have approached the nearest to it; but several different transactions of his life sufficiently demonstrate that it was in him by no means so perfect as it was in the great Duke of Marlborough. Preyer’s boy laughed in response to tickling in the second month.[106] Dr. This […]

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college words in essay 100 life. This illustrates the easy transfer of the plan of terrestrial geography to that of the spiritual world. Nothing is more entertaining than the inflation in carriage and speech which comes from an overweening conceit. The Sacred Symbols found in all continents are explained by […]

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bridge to terabithia essay book. They were the best that ever were. In presenting these examples I do not bring forward anything new. A system of procedure which entailed results so deplorable as those which we have seen accompany it everywhere, could scarcely fail to arouse the opposition of thinking […]

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After Berkeley’s Essay on Vision, I do not know of any work better worth the attention of those who would learn to think than these same metaphysical Discourses preached at the Rolls’ Chapel. I fancy if Mr. These points are discussed with much acuteness and fairness by M. A person […]