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Amontillado1 of cask. When she speaks, she articulates with perfect clearness and propriety, but it is the facility of a singer executing a difficult passage. Those Romantick days cask of amontillado1 are over, and there is not so much as a _Don Quixot_ of the Quill left to succour the […]

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There is good doctrine with a poor literary setting and there are paste jewels in pure gold. This punishing for suspicion was no new thing. Are you in adversity? Stevenson—whose predominant inclination to a hopeful and cheerful view of things is clearly shown in his idea that every man carries […]

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The end of a rope was placed under his feet and its slack passed over one hand, then on top of his head, then over the other hand, and finally brought to touch the beginning. Connected variety, in which each new appearance seems to be introduced by what went before […]

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Nor is it only with regard to such frivolous objects that our conduct is influenced by this principle; it is often the secret motive of the most serious and important pursuits of both private and public life. They are attracted by the odour of abuses, and regale on fancied imperfections. […]

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He feels the imperfect success of all his best endeavours, and sees, with grief and affliction, in how many different features the mortal copy falls short of the immortal original. The popes accordingly were not long in protesting energetically against the custom. The good spirits of the Andamanese, it appears, […]

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In the meantime, however, the ductility of this principle, which applied itself so happily to these, the most irregular of all the celestial appearances, and which has introduced such complete coherence into the motions of all the Heavenly Bodies, has served not a little to recommend it to the imaginations […]

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book review school cheap sample. In proof of the truth of this, I need only mention that every thing which excites the malignant passions, or produces misery and distraction of mind, increases these appearances. These prayers were heard. Then three others were brought, one of whom, George, had planned the […]

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Put them under the necessity of being dutiful children, of being kind and affectionate brothers and sisters: educate them in your own house. It is quite otherwise in modern times: though we have pantomime dances upon the stage, yet the greater part even of our stage dances are not pantomime, […]

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“Children,” he says, “largely in virtue of their suggestibility, rapidly absorb the knowledge, beliefs, and especially the sentiments of their social environment. There is a variety of tastes and capacities that requires all the variety of men’s talents to administer to it. No one who had not an affection for […]