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If in the course of such work something is done that sets it back instead of helping it on, or that injures the library in some other way more than it helps by what it directly effects, labor expended on that thing is mal-employment. Still more may a pretty face […]

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keppel jones arthur m essay prize. You will be surprised to hear arthur m keppel jones essay prize that there is no American language, none that I know, which possesses either of these parts of speech. The natural motion of the Earth, as was evident in all its parts, was […]

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During his conquest of Gaul, and before his conversion, his wild followers pillaged the churches with little ceremony. Others have lost their way by setting out with a pragmatical notion of their own self-sufficiency, and have never advanced a single step beyond their first crude conceptions. This stripping is essential […]

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Again: ‘Little girls are fond of dolls,’ &c. This solidarity of the kindred is the key to much that would otherwise appear irrational in their legislation, and left, as we have seen, its traces late in the customary law. When they are unfortunate, however, things change their colours and their […]

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He always addressed strangers as contemporaries, saying, “Good God! The brave Eumenes allowed himself to be delivered up, by his own mutinous soldiers, to his enemy Antigonus, and was starved to death, without attempting any violence. Suspicion of theft, murder, horse-stealing, embezzlement, and other similar offences was sufficient to consign […]

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I doubt whether a gentleman must not be of the Established Church, and a Tory. That of fear never is. {113} Our uncertainty concerning our own merit, and our anxiety to think favourably of it, should together naturally enough make us desirous to know the opinion of other people concerning […]