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robert edited the essays by american atwan best. Hartley’s great principle was developed in an inaugural dissertation at College. The peculiarity of the figure is that it has an arrow or dagger driven into its eye. It remains to account for the persistent fit of laughter which frequently accompanies a […]

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My intention is to combat the opinions of those writers who, like Dr. There is no doubt that the perception of beauty becomes more exquisite (‘till the sense aches at it’) by being studied and refined upon as an object of art—it is at the same time fortunately neutralised by […]

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If the question “Is he lucky?” is to be answered “No–but he might become so, if he were at the head of the U. Succeeding improvers observe, that one principle may be so applied as to produce several of those movements; and thus the machine becomes gradually more and more […]

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There is the same curious mixture of qualities to produce Swinburne’s own effect, resulting in the same blur, which only the vigour of the colours fixes. Since, moreover, the humorous person has trained himself in the swift detection of the accompaniments and the relations of the objects which he inspects, […]

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The merchant, as the expert, has always had the upper hand in the contest of wits. He knows his own business–or thinks he does–and he finds it hard to realize that the details of that business could ever grow beyond his personal control. Temperance, decency, modesty, 100 good research paper […]

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But when they not only coincide with our own, but lead and direct our own; when in forming them he appears to have attended to many things which we had overlooked, and to have adjusted them to all the various circumstances of their objects; we not only approve of them, […]

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This localising of the laughable in a relation is most {108} evident in the case of those complex presentations where lack of harmony and of mutual fitness—what we call incongruity—appear in the several parts of the whole which are present to the eye, and forces itself on the attention in […]

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Discussion homework tentang contoh text. A very small return seems due to that foolish and profuse generosity which confers the greatest benefits from the most trivial motives, and gives an estate to a man merely because his name and surname happen to be the same with those of the giver. […]

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In this part there is but one tide and one ebb every twenty-four hours; whereas in other places there are two. Should it be introduced in the future, and should it be decided that the members of the library staff are strictly employees of the city, we might have here […]